Retail Suite provides technology to retailers using any CRM with customer data while linking its service and providing a mobile friendly application to work around with it by using social media. It enables business improvement’s at two levels: cost reduction and profitability point of view.
The Retail Suite which represents an ecosystem of web portals and Windows, Android application, is a fully automated ERP system and one that is highly scalable for future requirements.
Implementation of any standard loyalty programs will ultimately lead to erosion of your company profitability and cancellation of a loyalty program.

Retail Suite Portals are designed to support business processes in a central location and the central locations of their related entities and business processes relating to clients’ network, as well as independent business lines, and reporting processing for all available functions.
Within these portals, there is a mechanism for administering portal itself, as well as interactive Help section with description of all available functions of Retail Suite Portals.

Retail Suite is combination of several state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Loyalty & Gift Programs on Ingenico iWL & iCT POS terminals
  • Loyalty & Gift Programs on OMA Emirates information
  • WEB Portals for management of Multi-Loyalty Multi-Merchant Program
  • Sophisticated reporting and BI systems for monitoring and sales management
  • Data Integration Modules for connectivity with legacy ERP/BI systems (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle)

Retail Suite supports the most complex Multi-Loyalty/ Multi-Merchant scheme with collection/ redeem model applicable on every client touch point:

POS Terminals, Info Kiosk, WEB Portal, SMS Android App. Your company can deploy Multi-Loyalty/Multi-Merchant scheme on practically any device and be ready to utilize fully all OMA Retail Suite applications directly from OMA Adriatic Cloud or by installing on premise.





Fully integrated all-in-one retail suite solutions

Enhance your business strategy

Offer superior customer experience


Manage your business centrally from front to back with our flexible retail suite solutions. Cover your whole operations from headquarters, check your performance in real time and react quickly to change. All our solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Fast-changing consumer habits require innovative business systems. With OMA Emirates retail suite solutions you can offer a seamless, personalized consumer experience across all channels and touch-points, including social media.  

Give your customers an outstanding shopping experience across all your sales channels and ensure their loyalty and repeat business. Grow your clientele and margins by offering a fast and accurate service in-store, online and on the go, including personalized deals and more.