Is your business implementing a loyalty program? Need partner products and services integrated into one portal? 

Need a single view of a customer’s participation? Want to engage your users online?

We view our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships and our track record is testimony to how we have significantly impacted the profitability of our clients, in some instances, taking total ownership of IT departments and turning them around in record time.






POS Terminals

WEB applications

Mobile applications


All on one POS Terminal

OMA Adriatic provided the latest generation of Ingenico POS Terminals (GPRS NFC) iWL250Integration Loyalty services and ERP system

Intranet, B2B i B2C Portals

Intranet, B2C i B2B web applications for end users and partners in OMA Adriatic Loyalty networkShowing all necessary statistical analyzes and reports

Channel of communication

Extremely important channel of communication with users (collecting, spending points)Push notifications / Geo marketing / IoT extensions


Digital marketing

Communication with customers via social networksPromotion of products through the universal platform (Mail/SMS/Facebook/Push notifications)Games for all ages in order to promote the brand and individual products



Points Collection

Points Redemption

Use of B2C Data

Mobile App Extensions

Through POS terminals of our clients’ company branches, partners and participating merchants;Points collection is accomplished by purchasing products from our participating company partners and merchants (account opening, purchase of life/non-life insurance) and the process of collecting points can also be achieved via web / mobile app.


Through POS terminals of our clients’ company branches, partners and participating merchants;

Points earned through earlier purchases can be used for purchasing goods and services at our participating merchants and the process of points redemption can also be achieved via web / mobile app


Marketing Digitalization;

Social Networks;

Mobile Push Notifications;

SMS & Email;



Predictive Statistics (product profitability / purchase prediction)

Mobile App Extensions;

Insurance Premiums (travel, car, life and health insurance);

Payment Reminder (push notifications);


Nearest Branch


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