OMA Emirates, based in UAE is a technology centric company helping businesses achieve high performance by drawing on our ground breaking research and hands-on experience to deliver a seamless customer experience across the entire lifecycle. We are the number one service provider catering to the payment industry in Middle East and are focused on delivering against our promise through our global delivery platform. We deliver the insights and put them in to action. We have a deep understanding of high-volume, transaction-intensive, secure payment processing that allows us to enhance operational efficiency, reduce complexity and increase productivity for business and government. OMA Emirates has professionally facilitated them with its product range in the area of today’s business. We have prestigious association with world-class manufacturers and suppliers for the day-to-day requirement of Banks, Financial Institutions and other Business houses. To ensure cost-effective, on time delivery of high quality solutions we have a well-developed infrastructure facility and team, and are always abreast with technology. Our strength extends process and control across each stage of the application lifecycle, spanning all major payment applications, machines, and players. From first requirements to retirement, and for every change request we provide control, visibility and collaboration.

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OMA Adriatic, a part of OMA Emirates Group, is an established 100% subsidiary company for the markets of Adriatic and South Eastern European regions, with a reach to other globally assigned accounts. The company is established in Serbia having offices in Belgrade, with business goal to expand market footprint across Adriatic region.   

OMA Adriatic is committed to provide cutting edge technology solutions in the area of Card personalization, Payment Issuance, Payment Acquiring Systems and Value Added Services based upon Card & NFC technology (loyalty programs, gift programs, E-Insurance, E-Wallet Application and many more), as well as the expansion of the POS Network Services.

OMA Adriatic products and services

OMA Adriatic provides services designed to deliver a seamless customer experience across the entire lifecycle, where together with our partners we are focused on delivering high-level performance service through our global delivery platform

The scope of operations of our company:

Terminal Managed Services

POS Network Services

Card Management

Remote IT Infrastructure

EFT Terminal Applications

Payment Solutions

Network Access Controller

Global Banking Services

ATM Services

Local Support and Repair Facility

Retail Suite

Benefit Beyond

POS Heart Beat